Tie Rod type cylinder


Tie-rod cylinders employ high-strength steel tie-rods to secure the two end caps together and are usually employed in light to medium duty factory applications. Poorni Hydromacs tie-rod cylinders are offered in 17 different mounting styles to suit your requirements.

Poorni Hydromacs manufactures an extensive line of tie-rod cylinders in  standard and custom sizes. We offer a superior design featuring metal to metal cushions as standard, instead of floating cushions or cushion seals. This feature ensures that the cushion will last the life of the cylinder.


  • Bores: 1″ up to 24″ (25 mm to 610 mm)
  • Strokes: 1/8″ up to 20′ (3 mm to 6,100 mm)
  • Sizes: Imperial or Metric
  • Pressure: Up to 5,000 PSI (350 bar)
  • Temperature: -60° F to 600° F (-50° C to 315° C)
  • Type: Heavy Duty, Air and Hydraulic
  • Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Alloys
  • Rod Material: Steel with hard chrome plating


  • Polyurethane Rod Wipers
  • Self-Adjusting Packing